About Us

Steeple On Main

Located in the “small town” Minneapolis suburb of Maple Plain MN, Steeple On Main is dedicated to the community as well as the arts, offering not only a top level recording studio but also video and stage production , livestreaming, rehearsal and Roadhouse Services as well as live multi-track recording on location. We are working with the city to try to provide a venue for some public activities such as Benefit Concerts for city departments such as Fire, Schools, Parks etc… and perhaps extend into weddings and other small events (~100 seated occupancy)

We are owned by 3 close friends from small town northern Minnesota who share not only a love for creating but also the dream of providing top quality performance services to the area at an affordable price. Being lifelong friends and jam-mates, this project came about and seemed the perfect combination of interests and investment in the arts in a community that is ripe for this type of business, as well as a great place for us to goof off and play!!! Who could ask for more?

Michael “B” Birrenbach- Having grown up in rural Northern Minnesota, music was always a passion with Mike (his friends sometimes call him “B”- too many Mikes… ha). Performing in bands during his youth, he fell in love with the creativity and the production side of music and the people he met from the arts sealed the deal that this would be his life’s work. He has become a noteworthy engineer in the Twin Cities. Working with the legendary First Avenue Mainroom as the house recording engineer for the past 15 years tells you that he is a top tier engineer with a solid work ethic. Coming here from his former studio, Rice Street Circus Studio in St Paul MN, this facility is the next step in a long career in music production.

Brian Makela- A musician his whole life, Brian also grew up on the Range and has followed a career in human services for the last 30 plus years, but never lost his love of performing and enjoying music. Sharing this dream with the group he is “all in” on helping to make this a premier music studio that serves the area with an air of creativity and professionalism. After 30 years of planning, the dream is finally becoming a reality.

David Maki- Also a lifelong musician, Dave enjoys playing with his band and joining in on jam-sessions in the studio. Having taken a career in the medical industry, this investment was a perfect opportunity for Dave to put something back into the music industry. Music has given him so much pleasure over the years and he is excited and proud about building a business that serves the music and arts community.

Our Team Of Engineers

Michael “B” Birrenbach- Working as a recording engineer since the late 1980’s, Mike has owned his own professional level home studio for many years.  Having honed his skills on analog gear and then moving on to digital gives him a unique perspective on recording.  He is equally comfortable with his skills in either environment or a hybrid such as this current studio, Steeple On Main, which brings a warm comfortable environment face to face with state-of-the-art recording.

His career, including 15 years as the house recording engineer for the iconic First Avenue Mainroom in Downtown Mpls has brought him to work with innumerable extraordinary artists from the local through the international scene. His work ethic, extensive experience live as well as in the studio, mixing and mastering recordings is evident in the ease and speed with which his work flows.

A musician for his entire life, he understands the needs of the customer and the need to keep the creativity flowing while keeping the budget under control.

Jason Keillor- An award winning Radio Producer, Stage Manager, and Audio Engineer with 25+ years experience at Minnesota Public Radio. He Has owned and operated several recording studios since 1994 and recorded, mixed or mastered hundreds of projects in every genre.

Jason is a Certified Pro Tools expert and works effectively in virtually any digital or analog format.

Paul Nevins – Paul comes to us through more traditional training with an impressive background in DAW based recording and editing. His work flow is seamless in the studio, making it quick and easy to get the work done, be it simple mixes to complex major edits. His fluid nature and inviting attitude make him a pleasure to work with in the studio.

Paul, like everyone at Steeple On Main, is a musician first. An accomplished drummer, Paul also plays keyboards, Bass and guitar, making him a great asset to a band that needs some “extra attention” on tracks in the studio.

Dietrich Poppen-