Steeple on Main is home to a top-tier recording studio. Boasting room enough for even the largest sessions while maintaining a warm and inspiring atmosphere. With Our Gear we are able to utilize the best qualities of both the analog and digital realms. This combined with OUR TEAM of experienced professionals, makes us a one stop shop for everything from recording to mixing, mastering and distribution.


Our ADA Accessible 1000sq/ft+ Sanctuary is the perfect place to film a Live to Tape performance, music video, or a live stream concert! with our modular stage risers, blackout curtains, in house lighting rigs and even a green screen setup. Let us help you find the perfect look for your next video project.


With a 6 camera livestream system on site we can broadcast from any area of the facility to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other social media platform

Rehearsal Space

With two studios to choose from and unlimited options for staging, lighting and PA Monitoring. Let our trained engineers handle your mix while you enjoy the best sounding rehearsals of your career! 

-Our Sanctuary offers over 1000 square feet of elbow room to accommodate even the largest rehearsals. Feel the freedom that comes with having personal space to spare, or refine your stage presence with our optional Stage Risers and an array of live lights.

-Our Live room offers an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for writing and jamming on your ideas. Or find your new sound with our array of keyboards and synthesizers. 

UNIQUE Roadhouse Services

For the “Band On The Run” we can provide a place, close to downtown Minneapolis or St Paul, to get off of the road and relax, rehearse, record, cook a meal, do laundry, take a shower or catch a few winks. Just 20 minutes from the biggest venues in the TwinCities area!! With our multiple rooms and several lounge areas, your bandmates can be doing their own thing with a little room to breathe from each other, or hang out together and make noise wtih a top level engineer on hand to help in either the recording studio or rehearsal stage. Send us your input list, stageplot and prefered backline items and we can have them ready to rock when you arrive. Just step off the bus (out of the van?) and do your thing without having to load or unload anything!!!

SAFE Off-Street parking for full tour bus with trailer (trailer or bus can be integrated into the facilities alarm system if needed)

Fully seperated motel rooms available within eyesight of parking lot.

Full service bar and restaurant 2 blocks away

Local Entertainment

With a pub within easy walking distance and 200+ campsites with swimming, biking, hiking, boating and other outdoor entertainment as well as a local park just blocks away, there is plenty to do during your “down time” when working at Steeple On Main.