For the “Band On The Run” we can provide a place, close to downtown Minneapolis or St Paul, to get off of the road and relax, rehearse, record, cook a meal, do laundry, take a shower or catch a few winks. Just 20 minutes from the biggest venues in the TwinCities area! With our multiple rooms and several lounge areas, your bandmates can be doing their own thing with a little room to breathe from each other, or hang out together and make noise with a top level engineer on hand to help in either the recording studio or rehearsal stage. Send us your input list, stage plot and preferred backline items and we can have them ready to rock when you arrive. Just step off the bus (out of the van?) and do your thing without having to load or unload anything!

We can provide full concierge services to include not only an engineer but a runner, driver, cook, sourcing specific backline gear, or any other needs, just ask.
Special pricing applies dependant on needs….. Lets just say it’s affordable, if you just need a “spot”, to expensive, if you want all the frills. We can work with you to fit your budget. It is probably cheaper than the rooms you were going to rent anyways!!!

SAFE Off-Street parking for full tour bus with trailer (trailer or bus can be integrated into the facilities alarm system if needed)

Fully separated motel rooms available within eyesight of parking lot.
Full service bar and restaurant within eyesight.

Full Dress Rehearsal stage with backline, 32 channel PA with 11 mixes, lighting and livestream system