Our Studio operates on both Mac and PC with several of the most popular DAWs installed already, but you can hook up your computer to our gear and be rolling with your preferred system in moments. We have a ProTools HD rig on site (bring your dongle) or you can use our copies of Reaper or Cakewalk.

Our list of gear for studio or stage back-line includes many great items listed below and more!


Midas Venice 32 channel analog console with16 channel Avid ProTools HD I/O

Allen & Heath QU 32 digital console providing up to 11 seperate monitor mixes (7 in stereo) and FOH for the studio or stage area. 32 channel D/A conversion at 48k 24 bit via USB (hooks to your laptop in seconds)

Or we can source your preferred console, or bring your own. The Control Room has plenty of room!!


Tube Amps such as the legendary Vox AC-30, Fender Blues Deville 210 or Fender Band Master and boutique solid state amps such as the Blackstar U120, Lab Series L11, Line6 Spider2 or the coveted Roland JC120.

Or, with a little advance notice we can try to source your preferred amps.


A mic locker with boutique brands like Neumann, Heil, Royer, Blue and several custom and hand made mics as well as some of the classics from Electro Voice (a studio sponsor), Shure, AKG and Sennheiser. Many preferred mics can be sourced and rented easily and inexpensively through our sponsors and connections locally.

Powered Monitors and Mains

Our Control Room is hooked up with the uncompromising Genelec 1037c monitors for far field listening and Dynaudio BM5A for near field. You will not find a better tuned room or better monitoring system today. We also have a Bryston 4B SST power amp ready to go if you prefer to bring your own passive speakers, or we can hook up our classic JBL 4412 passive monitors.

For performance and stage work we have QSC K12, JBL Eon and Mackie powered monitor speakers

4 Wireless and 6 Wired In Ear Monitor Systems (bring your own IEM’s)

Our QSC KW153 Powered mains will fill any area on the property with sound and are adequate for any small outdoor events

The Yamaha MSR800W powered Sub will fill out the low end for live/streaming performances

We also carry a full compliment of high end headphones including high isolating Vic Firth


Custom and classic guitars available on request include Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, etc as well as several custom guitars by one of our studio sponsors and one of the states top luthiers Reede Guitars.


The legendary Roland Juno 106, Roland Jupitor 80, Prophet X and Prophet Rev2, MIDI controlers and modules for DX7, Hammond XM-1 with XMc-1 sliders and the Yamaha Motif Rack as well as MIDI interfacing with sound libraries.

We also have a DiArmond Tube Volume Pedal , for that classic Hammond sound from the Hammond XM-1 MIDI module


Our backline drums include a vintage Slingerland 5 piece wtih all the gear, set up and ready to rock when you arrive. We also have available a 6 piece maple Gretsch set, with roto-toms, cowbells and other percussion available upon request.

Move them and tune them as you please. Whether you want to bring your whole kit, your cymbals and snare, or just a pair of sticks, we have you covered!


Two A&H AB168 stage head units that allow for recording up to 32 tracks simultaneously or performing from any location on site at a moments notice- 32 channels in and 16 returns.

1 Radial ProD2 2 channel passive DI box

2 Whirlwind IMP2 single DI boxes

2 Horizon Straightline passive DI boxes

DiArmond Tube Volume Pedal 

MXR SuperComp compressor pedal

Xotic Effects BB Preamp pedal

Boss GE7 graphic equilizer pedal

DOD FX90 delay pedal

Boss RC-3 Loop Station pedal

Boss PH-1r phaser pedal

TC Helicon Hormony G-TX harmony generator pedal

Full compliment of high end headphones including high isolating Vic Firth

Stands, Cables, Adapters etc as needed to supply 32 channel simultaneous recording

Control Room

Large Control Room

Our spacious Control Room is fully treated with absorbers and bass traps. It is large enough and powered enough to check your mixes LOUD, while being finely tuned, so even the softest nuances are never lost in the room. The monitor system is comprised of a pair of Genelec 1037C tri-amp powered monitors with a complimentary pair of Dynaudio BM5A powered nearfield monitors and Klipsch 15″ sub for crystal clear studio monitoring

Avid HD Omni

Avid 16 channel HD I/O (192k 32bit)

Apogee Rosetta 200 (96k 24bit 2 channel AD-DA)

Apogee Rosetta 800 (96k 24bit 8 channel AD-DA)

Presonus Monitor Station with 3 sources and 4 headphone amps

32 channels of ISO split for redundant tracking or to plug in your own system to ours


Our rack of stellar preamps and compressors

2- Vintech X73i full channel Neve clones

2- API 2500 full channels with bussing

4- Seventh Circle API clone preamps

2- Seventh Circle Neve clone preamps

2- DBX tube preamps

2- Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressors

Outboard Gear

Our outboard shenanigans

Lexicon PCM90 Reverb

Lexicon PCM80 Effects Processor

Drawmer “1968” dual channel compressor

DBX 166 stereo compressor

Alesis Midiverb effects processor

Alesis XT:c Reverb

Rane GE14 Graphic EQ

Marantz Professional tape duplicating machine

Marantz Professional CD player


We can also try to source any outboard gear you or your engineer need on hand, just let us know before-hand.

Our Crew-

Perhaps the most important part of a great recording session is the crew you work with. Not only do we have great engineers with troves of knowledge and great attitude, we can source the musicians you need to complete your project in-house. From exceptional guitar players, drummers, keys and vocalists to full horn or string sections, we know the best in the business when it comes to session players!


We have an assortment of moving and wash LED (RGBAW) lights, both hanging and at stage level to help make your video or stage rehearsal look great. Bring your Lighting Director or we can source one for your event!