Studio Time-

Half day (5 hours)- $250

Full day (10 hours)- $500

Basic studio time with tech- $100/first hour-$40/each additional hour (you bring your own engineer. We will have tech on site to help set up and deal with any problems)

Studio time with engineer- $150/first hour $60/each additional hour

Rehearsal Stage- SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE- starting at $100/3 hour session- Dependent on backline and production needs, please email us for specific rates Booking@SteepleOnMain.com

Video and Livestreamingwith audio and video engineer on our 1080p system (perfect for Facebook, Youtube, Twitch etc) $200/hour. We also have 4k available on request. $900 four hour PROMO SHOOT SPECIAL- Includes use of all facilities services and equipment, A1 audio engineer, Lighting Director, you take home rough footage and multi-tracks. Video and audio editing available.

UNIQUE Roadhouse Services- All of the services we provide are available ala-carte as roadhouse services, so prices will vary greatly dependent on the needs. We are open to everything from a need to stop in and rest for a few hours before a gig to 24 hours or more of unlimited jam space and studio time with unparalleled service. Full 24 hour full-service of all in-house needs (includes practice space with top notch tech on site, backline, rest/sleep area, laundry facilities, full kitchen). Email for pricing booking@SteepleOnMain.com

Live Sound- Basic 16-32 channel PA with 5 monitors and 2 large mains with sub, all mics, cables, DI’s, stands etc… as needed with included FOH engineer $1250/night…. larger systems available upon request